🎉 StretchMinder 3.12: Active hour

🎉 StretchMinder 3.12: Active hour

April 17, 2024

5 minutes

Our modern world makes it inevitable for us to slip into a sedentary lifestyle. At StretchMinder, we believe awareness is the first key to breaking this pattern. That's why we're excited to introduce Active Hour—a bold step towards a more active life, no matter how often you hit the gym or use a standing desk.

Transform Your Day with Active Hour

Your Activity and Inactivity. Visualized.

By integrating with Google Fit or Apple Health, Active Hour offers a comprehensive and accurate portrayal of your daily movement. Take the guesswork out and let your phone be your guide to a healthier life.

Real-time Metrics, Right on Your Home Screen

Gain instant insights with the StretchMinder home screen that now features a real-time active/sedentary meter. It's a simple, compact visualization providing a snapshot of your current activity—a quick glance can motivate your next move.

Customize Your Activity Thresholds

Each Active Hour is set to begin at a default 250 steps or any movement activities in the StretchMinder app or any other fitness app that you use. Feeling ambitious? Personalize your goals by adjusting the step threshold.

Historical Data, Future Goals

Take a deep dive into your activity patterns. With detailed daily, weekly, and monthly views of your Active Hours, you can identify trends, adjust your targets, and celebrate every victory over sedentary behavior.

Seamless Integration, Effortless Movement

Understanding your sitting habits is the first step – action is what brings it to life. By aligning your Activity Breaks with the patterns revealed by Active Hour, you can turn hours of uninterrupted sitting into a day filled with energetic bursts of movement.

Ready for some insights into your sedentary habits? Get the latest version of StretchMinder now.

Be kind to your body

  • Short breaks of mindfulness and movement exercises delivered to you at the right time
  • Keep your focus while staying mobile throughout the day
  • Access a library of professionally designed video & audio guided, low-impact movement exercises for all fitness levels