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Made for busy desk workers who...

  • Get so involved in work and often forget to take breaks to move
  • Suffer from physical pain or tension in the body, as well as mental stress
  • Are concerned about the negative health outcomes of sitting all day but find it hard to keep on track

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More than just stretching

StretchMinder combats the effects of tech-dependence, sedentary living, and other modern lifestyle factors
that hinder our body's innate need to move.

Staying active
(at home or anywhere) has never been easier

3 minutes is all you need.
Bye-bye endless scrolling trying to find the right routine. Start moving in just 1 click.

Keep your focus while making healthy your best daily habit

Short breaks of mindfulness and movement exercises delivered to you at the right time throughout the day, with personalized reminders that adapt to your schedule.

Designed for people of all activity levels to feel great

Professionally designed video & audio guided, low-impact exercises to improve the way your body feels — less stiffness, fewer aches and pain, and boost the overall quality of your life, for all fitness levels.

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Helping 50,000+ desk jockeys to move more

Don't let long hours at your desk take a toll on your health

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