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Move more.
Feel better.

Be active at work with your personal workplace wellness guide.

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Schedule it in

It's easy to forget to find time
to detach from our work. StretchMinder helps you to balance work and rest within your busy day.

Refuel body and mind

StretchMinder helps you to
re-energize and feel great all day with exercise routines designed for the workplace. All in just under 5 minutes.

Get more done

Achieve more and improve your performance by getting the extra boost of your day from StretchMinder's specially designed break exercises.

Build a healthy habit

Big changes start small. Make taking activity breaks a habit by setting break goals and keeping track of your long-term progress.

Schedule to fit in your workday

Use flexible reminders to receive a nudge every 20 minutes, every hour, or whichever suits you.

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Move, Walk, Breathe

  • Toggle between 3 break modes, prep your mind, muscle and heart for the next challenge.

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Tiny changes,
remarkable results

Reach your target and reward yourself with motivating streaks.

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Key features

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Movement made easy

Toggle between 3 break modes with a wide range of exercises that can be done right at your desk. No need to worry about how, just follow along.

  • Unlimited
  • Global Swatches
  • High-Quality
  • Sensational
Set it and forget it

Limit notifications to your office location so it doesn't bother you when you're off to lunch or on your days off.

Get in touch
Take matters into your own hands
Scientifically designed programs to help you cope with your existing pain just in your pocket.

Relied on by the big boys

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“I have felt so relaxed after these breaks! It makes a world of difference.”
– Blanca
“Needed an hourly reminder to breathe.”
– King Beyleh
“Great way to take a break especially when I'm working from home.”
– Couchmaster2000
“Great app that is simple and intuitive.”
– Tokyomouse
Founded in New York City by two life-long friends
Paying customers accrued in 6 short years
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